Monday, June 2, 2008

Sin City

OK, we're back from Vegas. It was a crazy weekend and one worth every hour of sleep missed and every penny spent to get there and through it. Vegas is a weird place with no inhibitions or limits. I received a text when I was driving home from my friend Emily that just read "Welcome back to reality." Fitting because Sin City is exactly that: a surreal place where the normal laws of the universe don't seem to apply. More on this later..

In flying back I was recapping the weekend on the first leg of my flights back home while stuck behind 3 ugly strippers, next to a couple making out and 3 other f-tards who were still drunk from Rehab. I came up with things that stood out the me as what made the weekend, here's the short list:

- The complete lack of sleep needed to power through 72+ hours of Las Vegas. Me, Mike and William landed in Vegas and started drinking at about 11:15PM. We checked into the hotel the next day sometime after 3PM. So we stayed out and drank and wandered Vegas for 15 hours. No long until you consider that we'd all been awake since 6AM the day before.and slept maybe an hour or two on the plane rides out West.

- William's unending tenacity to drink. Did you have that Gin & Tonic at the airport?

- Baum's blazer - this got us into Sapphire very quickly.

- Baum's t-shirt - it said "touch my titties" in Thai

- Beer pong at 3PM on a Sunday

- Drinking Eiffel Towers at 6AM. Twice.

- Throwing up on the moving walkway of the Bellagio because of the Eiffel Towers.

- While walking to Strip, being recognized and stopped by strippers we'd apparently met the night before but nobody remembered.

- Gambling only $1 the whole trip.

- The guy who threw a cigarette at us then just stared at it waving. Please refer to JP's impression.

- Vasant being slapped by a stripper for no apparent reason.

- Baum being slapped by a stripper for a very apparent reason.

- Me and Jay puffing on Monte Cristos at Playboy Club.

- Dinner at Fix. Twice.

- Beer Monster at 7:30AM with 6 people in one bathroom.

- the original Beer Monster:

- William and his fucking bacon

all in all, fantastic trip and now I'm going to get sleep as I don't have a voice anymore and I haven't slept in days.

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