Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fuck You Nicholas Cage

Seriously, fuck you, Nick Cage...and not just for Ghost Rider.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm going to make this song pertinent to my life.

I listened to this song 56 times yesterday. I have itunes verification. When I frst decided to listen to it again, I had a few reactions:

1) Anger: Why the fuck haven't I listened to this song before now?
2) More Anger: I wish I had been in a relationship in 1995 so I could relate this song to a break-up or some other strong emotional moment.

So, to remedy this I'm going to play this song until something incredible happens.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Speaking of bad movies...

I don't think Tron will be very good.

I know I e-mailed this to you guys but I probably should have just posted it here. The conversation Jay and I had the other day on g-chat:

4:29 PM
Jay: ooooh

the rocketeer?
4:30 PM
me: hmmm i could do that

alright i am just going to look at every movie that came out between 1990 and 1995 with a PG rating, that seems a good starting place for podcast movies
4:31 PM
ghost dad?
4:32 PM
king ralph?

3 Ninjas?!
4:33 PM
Free Willy?

Cool Runnings?

Cop and a Half?

The Flintstones?

Angles in the Outfield?

Blank Check?

Richie Rich?
4:34 PM
The Air Up There?!

Jay: never say free willy

or blank check

me: Free Willy 2?

Jay: both are enticing

me: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?!!

4:35 PM

Operation Dumbo Drop?

My god I think I've found a new hobby, just looking at all these old movies and their box office results will keep me amused for the next five hours
4:36 PM
First Kid?



Jungle 2 Jungle?

Good Burger?!!!
4:37 PM
Spice World?

Duck Tales: The Movie?
4:38 PM
Jay: oh man

spice world

duck tales the move was the shit

at the end when he wished for the genie to be real boy?


me: By the way you might want to keep your gchat open because as soon as you get home i am calling these out all night
4:39 PM
jetsons: the movie?

Homeward Bound?

The Pagemaster?!
4:41 PM
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?

ooohh City Slickers 2 podcast?


4:42 PM

Blue Chips?

To Wong Foo?!
4:43 PM

The Long Kiss Goodnight?

Dangerous Minds?
4:44 PM
4:45 PM
New Jack City?
4:46 PM
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?

Turner and Hooch?
4:47 PM
The Wizard made $14 million during its theatrical run
4:49 PM
Jay: you've moved away from PG movies

me: indeed i have

long ago
4:50 PM
i cannot be constrained by ignorant censorship

okay, i might be done for now
4:51 PM
but don't worry, there will be more to come

5:50 PM
me: Short Circuit 2

Police Academy

Big Top Pee Wee
5:51 PM
Harry and the Hendersons

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Any Ernest Movie
5:52 PM
5:53 PM


The Toy?
5:54 PM
The Smurfs and the Magic Flute?

The Care Bears Movie?

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
5:55 PM
Benji the Hunted?

There are three Care Bears movies! we could do all of them!
5:56 PM
Jay: die.

me: you have no idea how much you mean that

5:57 PM
Weekend at Bernies?

Iron Eagle?
5:58 PM
Big Trouble in Little China made $11 million at the box office, that is a travesty
5:59 PM
Red Dawn?

Johnny Nemonic?

Jay: please stop.
6:01 PM
me: missed that last comment, i think i broke my internet

oh you asked me to stop
6:06 PM
last two: mystery men & like mike

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tron Legacy

I'm actually pretty excited about this. Watch the trailer here:
That's the original trailer, it won't embed... but this mash-up will... (The original trialer is also avaialble at