Monday, January 26, 2009


The next marathon?

I'd give more of a commentary but the only knowledge I have of the show is from Andrew and Jay talking about a couple years ago.

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Murph said...

It's a show about a parapleagic african american gentleman who's an accomplished doctor/scientist who decides that he will become a black batman. He then proceeds to build a lair below his home that looks suspiciously like Wayne Manor. Dr. Mantis or whatever his name is then proceeds to go about building a suit that would allow him to walk again and fight crime with all sorts of cool technology. Does the doc share the profound breakthrough of being able to walk again with the world? No, instead of helping the handicapped, he fights crime poorly and gets into a situation in every episode where his suit somehow fails and he can no longer walk but manages to MacGuyver his way through and beat the bad guys.

I have no idea why the fuck he's called Mantis...and he has a flying car, I think.