Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ebert's list of rules

My brother just sent me a link to a list of rules, posted by Roger Ebert, to follow when in the movie critic business. Even before getting to the list, he manages to insult potential readers in once sentence (calling them "mouth-breathers"), then in the next, insult his editors. This guy is great.
You know he is taking this very seriously when the list begins with "Carefully clip the Rules and fasten them to your refrigerator with a Homer magnet". He even provides an image of just such a magnet.
The rules cover everything from how to write a review, to don't be stupid and ask a celeb to pose for a photo (or an autograph).

Here is one of them... go here to see them all.
Do the math. If one week you state, "'Mr. Untouchable' makes 'American Gangster' look like a fairy tale," and the next week you say, "American Gangster" was "Goodfellas" for "the next generation," then you must conclude that "Mr. Untouchable" is better than "Goodfellas."

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Jay said...

i'm pretty sure ebert is senile and doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about anymore... just throwing that out there.