Friday, October 3, 2008

Netflix Movie Watching World Championship

I just came across this site for the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship. The contestants have to watch 56 movies taking approximately 121 Hours. Apparently the Guinness World Record is on the line. There are some messed up things that make it into that book. How is staying awake and watching 121 hours of movies noteworthy? I dunno, but Jay, India currently represents with the current Guinness record holder clocking in at 120 hours and 23 minutes. He's back to defend his title too.
The event started yesterday and is being held in a plexi-glass living room in the center of Times Square. To count as actually "watching" the movies their eyes cannot stray from the screen. A "team of medical professionals" is going to monitor them to make sure they don't just zone out with their eyes open. Damn, some people take this pretty seriously.
I'd argue that I could find a better use of my time for 121 hours, but in reality, I'd probably squander it on, um, watching movies. And sleep. I'd probably throw some sleep in there too.
You can get more info at the "official" facebook site (keyword search: Netflix Movie Watching World Championship).


Alistair said...

"I just came across this site..."

I like that. It shows creativity.

William said...

I hate you.

It actually shows I have no life and I like to read press releases from Netflix.