Sunday, April 13, 2008


I don't know why but this video is off the hook. It might be that the backing band appears to be the bastard offspring of Michael Stipe and a troll doll.

We've been lamenting the state of music but I do think we've ignored the kick ass music that's out there now. The White Stripes and Modest Mouse? I fucking love The White Stripes and Modest Mouse! I've seen The Stripes live and this summer I'm planning to see Modest Mouse. Sure, I'll never get to see The Clash but there are some genius acts out there that make this a great time for music.

Newer bands.

The Vampire Weekend album is solid, fun stuff. "Campus" is probably my favorite song. The Foals have a good album out (with some lyrics that indicate a rivalry with Vampire Weekend). The new Raconteurs album is really good, nothing on it that jumps out as a single but really good stuff. Some people would castrate me for this comparison but it reminds me of Exile on Main Street for some reason.

I hate you all. Or do I?

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