Saturday, April 26, 2008

I just shit myself...

Words can't describe my excitement for this movie.

I remember leaving "Batman Beings" being blown away. "Batman: Year One" had long been my favorite comic book I'd ever read, and what I had just witnessed made me so happy. I remember heading back to William's house afterwards to have some beers and remarking that the movie "was incredible." Mike laughed at me and told me I was an idiot. Maybe you were right Mike, given that my only argument was "I can't believe I just saw a movie about Batman that made the plot of the comic somewhat plausible, and was acted, scripted and shot incredibly well." This isn't really an argument for a movie being good I guess.

But a few weeks ago I read an article in the NYT, which finally hit the nail on the head for me (which is probably why they write for the NYT and I'm an asshole). But they summed it up in one phrase: "Batman Begins was a popcorn movie done incredibly well." And in the era of Jerry Bruckheimer bullshit I couldn't really remember a popcorn movie that I truly enjoyed. Maybe the original Matrix? I guess it was an incredibly well done popcorn movie on top of the fact is was based on my favorite comic... But the fact that they actually adapted it somewhat accurately is some kind of miracle (I still think the script writing for X-Men 3 was outsourced to a guy in India named Vijay Singh). Also,

I hope they make a "Back to the Future IV" too!


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