Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Underwater Bears, the sequel

Apparently scientists have sent so called 'water bears' into space. The interesting thing is that the scientists exposed these creatures to the vacuum of space and the direct radiation of the Sun... and they survived! Mike, prepare yourself, your worst nightmares will come true... Underwater bears, IN SPACE!!
Granted, these 'water bears' are actually tiny invertebrates about one millimeter long...and most of them died... but if the scientists bred the survivors and then keep sending the offspring into space we will have creatures that can actually live in space with no protection at all... AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! --- I don't really know how being able to live in space will help them ON EARTH, but hey, why not.
Mike, I'm still waiting for your script about the movie with underwater bears. Scientists are already trying to breed these bears to have superpowers, and you can't let some scientist beat you to a ridiculous concept with his "facts" and "logic".

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E-Brake said...

What are the odds - I was in Target this weekend and took a camera phone picture of the box of Lake Placid 2 to send to you guys. Guess I should do that.

I love that it's been nearly 10 years since but we continue to give Mike shit for this.